Please note: This is a sample of produce used in the trading platform practice section. For actual produce availability you will need to log on to the trading platform.

This is for you if you are involved in one or more of these...


Owner drivers to global logistics firms. Buyers and sellers alike are looking for your services.


Produce wholesalers
Small to large restaurant owners
Hopsitality and catering
Small to global retailers of produce


All primary producers, aquaculture and wild fisheries
Produce wholesalers
Importers and exporters of produce

with one or more of these...

Some Popular Features

  • Single Point Of Access

    View, purchase or offer produce onto any local, national or international markets or combination of these markets with varying pricing and minimum buy quantites to match. EXEDOC documentation generation and submission along with trade insurance is currently being developed.

  • Create Your Own Views

    View only the produce that matters to you from the places where you are able to access and that can be suppplied. Sell produce into markets you want to sell into and legally and logistically able to at prices and quantities to suit each market.

  • Request For Quotation

    Request quotations from all potential sellers or select the sellers you wish to apporach. Accepted quotes that are then automatically added to your order. Receive quotations from your regular suppliers to receive produce offers prior to market placement.

  • Request Repeat Orders

    Request that an existing order or quotation is converted into a repeat order. Agree on and update frequency and termination of all standing orders.

  • Produce Substitution

    Ensure you receive produce that meets your requirements but when it is out of season or unavailable receive suggestions for viable substitutions that meet or exceed your requirements.

  • One Order Many Sellers

    All your purchases on one order. Seller summary with total amounts. Make payments or agree terms on a seller by seller basis. Retain existing and create new trading relationships.

  • Only Ship What You Sell

    Pick, pack and ship produce that has been sold. Allow future trades to pre-sell some or all of your future produce. Offer produce into new markets to guage demand and pricing. Seek out new trading partners prior to committing produce.

  • Practice Platform

    Fully functional practice platform that allows you to discover and trial all features of the trading platform without committment. Helps you fully understand the system prior to entering the live trading environment.

  • Your Information Is Yours

    You control via your profile what information you share. Trading partners, providers, customers and suppliers are not shared with any other members. Publicly accessible statistics and trading information uses aggregated data. We do not sell or share your information. The trading system does not expose your trading information.

  • Accounting Interaction

    Trading information can be automatically sent to your existing online accounting system. Invoices received or created without any manual intervention. Completely configurable so you remain in control.

  • Worry free maintenance

    Software updates are automatic and seamless. Every 3‐6 weeks we release innovative new features and enhancements

  • Unlimited email support

    Never waste time being put on hold again. We offer free unlimited email support from experienced teams. Our teams are located in different parts of the world to ensure around-the-clock coverage.

Regional Specialists

Would you like to join us and use your knowledge and skills to promote and help our members gain the most from the Trad Pro system?

We are seeking suitable people to become regional specialists. We provide the support and the tools to help you to succeed.

Licenced regions available in all states in Australia with region size currently negotiable.

If you would like to discuss this unique opportunity to own and operate within an exclusive regional area then please contact us.

We are also seeking local regional specialists to provide additional services to producers, sellers and buyers throughout Australia.

If you would like to get involved at a local level providing additional services (local delivery drivers, quality control inspectors or people genuinely interested in promoting local produce) then we would love to hear from you so please contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself or your business.